The Company History

It all started with an idea

The history of dnaclub® began long before its official founding. In the eighties of the twentieth century in one of the leading scientific centers of the country, the Novosibirsk Akademgorodok, a group of life scientists and physicists was working on innovative medical products. The products which would differ in their high safety and efficiency from those present in the market. The result of their work was the AXIS® technology of biological material immobilization. The new development solved the problem, which for many years hadn’t allowed making effective medicines for prevention and treatment of a broad spectrum of diseases. Scientists had already found out that most of beneficial for human body matters were not absorbed or split in the gastrointestinal tract losing their health-promoting effect. Injections of them were not possible due to a high probability of the body immune response. The new AXIS® technology was thoroughly tested. However, despite of the amazing results, the project didn’t get enough funding and was put on hold.

A new chapter in the Russian science history

In 2002 Andrey Bekarev, a famous banker and mathematical economist, and his partner, a successful businessman and physicist Andrey Artamonov were inspired by the idea to bring back to life the breakthrough developments of the Russian scientists. Together with the SB RAS Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, the SB RAS Institute of Cytology and Genetics and thanks to private investments a huge production complex of the Siberian Center of Pharmacology and Biotechnology was built. They shared a common aim of developing and manufacturing new medicines and dietary supplements using the AXIS® electron ray technology. At present the Siberian Center of Pharmacology and Biotechnology is a modern pharmaceutical factory designed and built in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards, compulsory for pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

The factory is the largest one of the kind beyond the Urals. Its production area is 6,000 sqm. The production capacity gives more than 1 billion lyophilisate pharmaceutical forms for injections and fluid administration per year, more than 50 million firm pharmaceutical forms (pills, capsules) per year, and more than 30 million dietary supplements in capsules per year.

The founding of the dnaclub® Company

The dnaclub® Company was founded on January 7, 2006. The range includes almost twenty innovative products based on many year research and development of high-potent biotechnological complexes for health. Over the years the product range has widened and the company geography has extended. There are branches in the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. There is a dnaclub® warehouse in every Russian million-plus city.