Types of income
in dnaclub®

Building a network is the main and major type of income in multilevel marketing. It has a multiplicative effect and increases your income manifold without your direct and active interference. We often hear, “I can’t sell”, “I don’t like selling” or “I don’t want to sell”. With the dnaclub® marketing plan it’s not necessary to sell or even make monthly compulsory purchases in the beginning. All you need to do is to tell people about the products, the ways to earn doing business with the company, to use the dnaclub® products and be a true brand ambassador.*

1.         Building a network

From the first four lines of your structure you will get 40% of their wholesale turnover. It makes almost a half! To avoid complicated calculations use the income calculator we created for you to see the amount of your commission on building a network.

2.          Qualification

Your dnaclub® career starts with making a contract and your first purchase. You are considered an active member of the club if you purchase for at least 3,500 RUB monthly. On fulfilling this condition your partners and you get from 2% to 10% of the structure wholesale turnover (the amount of the commission depends on your qualification).**

3.       Pension

In our company it is called a pension not because you need to wait until you are 55-60 but because it means you are in a period when you stop working on your network and it starts working on you. And you can achieve it at any age. All active members of the club, starting from the Ruby masters and higher, get 2% of the Company (not only their structures) wholesale turnover monthly. In recognition of your work and achievements and as an expression of gratitude the company gives you a monthly bonus no matter how active your structure has been.

These are the major types of activities which will guarantee you a monthly income.

The amount of your income depends only on you and your structure!