Our mission

When do you think our body starts aging? Since birth, puberty, the age of 24 or the end of growth – theories are various. They all agree in one – we age for the most part of life.

Health mission

It has been proved that human biological resource allows minimum 120 years of an active, full-fledged life. Then why do we live so short? The test below will demonstrate you how vulnerable your body is to the pace and quality of modern life.

  • Do you live a healthy lifestyle?
  • Do you do sport regularly?
  • Do you live in an ecologically clean area?
  • Do you eat a healthy diet?
  • Are you exposed to stress?
  • Do you suffer chronic illness?

Don’t get upset if the results are frustrative.
The dnaclub® mission
Comprehensively improve the quality of people’s life; supply them with effective means for preserving and promoting of health and prolonging of active aging; give an opportunity to earn an additional income when the terms and conditions are transparent and clear and the amount depends on the effort made.

Back to the origins and modern approach

The father of medicine Hippocrates defined the main principle of medicine - Do no harm. Despite all technological improvements modern medicine at best treats people for diseases but more often only fights symptoms without promoting health.

In the twenty first century, the age of outstanding scientific and technological achievements, medicines do not guarantee health or longevity.

The dnaclub® experts share the philosophy of the great physician. The one of a kind dnaclub® products, based on the latest technologies of the Russian physicists and biotechnologists, compensate for deficiency of elements necessary for the body, preserving and restoring normal functioning of organs and systems thus making it possible for people to control their own health.